October 30, 2015


Our mission is to provide uncompromised commitment to customer service, design integrity and manufacturing excellence, and to provide financial support for research, education, and scholarships for ACUHO-I that is unmatched in the market.

We strive to develop products that offer flexibility to today’s student environment. Flexibility and expandable work surfaces offer students maximum use of available floor space. We believe in “creation of an environment” within student housing — taking great pride in creating room environments that offer the students an opportunity for, flexibility, versatility, space-saving, and safety, in a home-like atmosphere. The goal of every project is to always meet the desires and requirements of the students while delivering top quality products and service, at an exceptional value, within budget, and on time.

As originators of the EZ-connect bed system, Southwest Contract recognizes the need to provide flexibility in designing the student environment. Flexibility such as expandable desk tops, multi-use computer options, storage options, custom sizes, exterior color options and much, much more. Southwest Contract also offers flexibility in the type of exterior surface you select for your furniture. Whether you choose a scratch and impact-resistant laminate exterior or an oak exterior with ultraviolet-cured finish, your preference can be provided while maintaining the rigid standards required for student use.

What we offer

  • The EZ connect loft bed
  • Expandable desk and chest tops
  • Lifetime warranty drawer slides
  • Combination steel and laminate drawer system
  • Security clips for loft beds
  • Removable/replaceable Parts
  • Service contracts
  • Split desks
  • Security cubes
  • Security door units
  • Adjustable height ladders
  • PVC radius edge
  • Units on casters


  • Bed ends are solid oak and incorporate full mortise/tenon construction
  • Beds are height adjustable, meet ADA requirement, and are loftable when combined with a loft adapter kit
  • Chest and desk have full ¾” thick finished back panels
  • Desk has a modesty panel
  • All desks and chests incorporate removable and replaceable parts for cost effective maintenance
  • Drawers are stain resistant and will not retain smells
  • Desk has a steel footrest spreader that bolts through the panel leg and pedestal side panel
  • Knee space drawer fronts are easily changeable for conversion from computer trays to normal kneespace drawers
  • All drawer fronts are height adjustable for future smooth operation
  • All edges of the exterior panels are sealed against moisture absorption
  • Adjustable glides on the desk panel leg screw into a steel rod embedded in the panel
  • The bottom edges of all panels receive a thick PVC edge to act as a glide and prevent floor damage

Due to the numerous options, modifications, and customizations available with our furniture, we are unable to show everything that we offer on our web site.  If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us to learn more about our product offering.